3 thoughts on “Fusion 2012

  1. As a parent I wonder why this is ona school day, given a lot of kids have NCEA. What is wrong with holding this event in the weekend? I believe this sends the wrong message to the kids.

    • Editors note: Hi Warren, the idea grew out of an initiative in the 90’s to get the kids from each school’s Christian group together – province wide. Whilst these groups don’t typically have a high visibility, they actually encompass a lot of young people and are in their own rights significant cultural groups within the schools. Thus collectively Fusion continues to thrive, and a school day is an appropriate expression of this in much the same way that schools allow students time away from NCEA for other interschool exchanges. Holding such an event on the weekend – whilst entirely possibly – does not make it special or extraordinary in any way. Thus a school day also honours their faith and values in a way which a weekend wouldn’t.

      • That’s all very well but my son wanted to go because “it’s a day off school dad” this puts pressures on parents when you know that is his motivation.

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