Mission Outreach / Ethnos Asia

Lifegate Church Inglewood present the Mission Outreach Speakers Tour 2012 – in association with Ethnos Asia.

Speakers Dan & Elaine Ju are Chinese Americans who have spent a number of years as missionaries, primarily with Ethnos Asia among the Uyghur – an unreached people group who live in Xingxang province in North East China. The Uyghur are of Turkish decent and of Muslim origin. To date, Uyghur believers number in the hundreds out of a people group of some 12 million.

  • WHEN: 7pm Sat 29th September
  • WHERE: Lifegate Church, 27 Cutfield Street, Inglewood
  • COST: An offering will be taken up towards the works of Mission Outreach and Ethnos Asia.

They will be joined by our Mission Outreach Director, Alvin Allan, who has travelled a number of times to this region. Elaine, Alvin and Helen will also be speaking at the Lifegate Church services 10am Sun 30th September. Mission Outreach – Speaker 2012 Profile

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