Easter Alive 2017

Easter Alive

Tue 4th – Fri 7th April 2017

Every two years – NPCLN sponsors Easter Alive – enabling over 2000 children to journey through a dramatic presentation of the Easter Story.

Free public performance
7pm Wed 5th April 2017
St James Presbyterian Church, Lawry Street, New Plymouth

NOTE: This is a change of venue from previous years.

Through the effort of more than a dozen churches, and more than 100 volunteers, the colourful montage of Easter is brought to life before children’s very eyes during a 35 minute performance. Seven scenes portray Jesus final hours from His entry into Jerusalem through to crucifixion, culminating with His resurrection. Buses roll in and out over four days, allowing each class their own intimate viewing of this incredible event up close.

“The last supper was cool as well, like how Jesus had to wash people’s feet. It was pretty sad how the guards nailed Jesus to the cross and He did nothing to deserve it”

“The best part was the last supper because Jesus got to spend the time he had left with the people he trusted and cared about”

“I thought it was mean when they put the crown of thorns on Jesus’ head”

“I learnt heaps about Jesus and how He died on the cross”

“My favourite part was when Jesus got nailed to the cross. That was sad. It was so amazing when he died on the cross then three days later rose from the dead. And it was as if I was right there.”

“My best part that I liked was when Jesus came alive again”

“My best part was when Jesus was put on the cross and when He rose again.”

“My favourite part was at the end when Jesus came back to life and there were dancers and music. It was inspirational”

For further information for your school or to volunteer, simply contact our secretary or Easter Alive coordinator Richard West direct [email protected].

Easter Alive has now been presented on 13 occasions since 1991, and is aimed principally at the wider New Plymouth primary schools with an opportunity for older children and adults to attend in the evenings. Children are transported to and from schools for free.