ShineGirl Introduction

ShineGirlShine is a collection of Hillsong personal development mentoring tools for girls and women, designed to develop an understanding of personal worth, strength and purpose and to help girls realise their full potential. Both “ShineGirl” and the “Strength” programme for boys are being pioneered at present in some Taranaki schools.

ShineGirl information and training:

  • When: 12pm Friday 27th June
  • Where: St Luke’s Church, Mangati Rd, Bell Block
  • Cost: None

For further information and to register, please contact Debbie Larsen 06 7544942.

ShineGirl is….. For every girl.

Shine is run as an 8 week course with a maximum of 15 participants. It is run in an informal environment to explore the Shine girl concepts through hands on, practical and interactive sessions. Sessions are approximately 1 ½ hours long, and best run in school time. Shine girl is aimed at year 7 -10 girls. There is no obvious Christian content in the curriculum but it is based on Biblical principles.

We believe everyone is uniquely valuable and that every life counts. Shine outworks this through a personal development programme designed by Hillsong City Care to help girls and women tackle issues of self esteem, value and self worth. The programme takes a practical approach, exploring core values and learning life principles.

Core Values

  1. I have worth
  2. I have strength
  3. I have purpose

Shine has been presented successfully in high schools, churches, community centres and correctional centres in Australia. In New Zealand it has mostly been presented in schools, or as an afterschool programme. In Taranaki we have programme running at Coastal school and in Eltham. These are run by school Chaplains in association with Lifewalk (CEC). [Shine for Women is also available.]