Chad Dedmon

20130307-133632.jpgChad and his wife, Julia (a gifted speaker & worship leader), were ordained ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by Drs. Rolland and Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries and Senior Leaders Bill and Beni Johnson of Bethel Church. Together they are passionate to see the Spirit of the Lord fully poured out on all nations and have travelled to numerous countries to share this message with others. They have seen the Kingdom of God come in love, power, salvation, and healing miracles. We welcome Chad back to Taranaki and invite you to join us over two nights at:

  • When: 13-14 March at 7.00pm (Wednesday/Thursday)
  • Where: CityLife Church, 28 Egmont Street, New Plymouth
  • Cost: Koha will be received on both nights to bless Chad and his team

Son of Pastor Kevin Dedmon, Chad grew up in an atmosphere of faith and miracles. He was involved in ‘treasure hunting’ from an early age. However, as Sid Roth states during the introduction to his interview with Chad on ‘It’s Supernatural’…

Growing up as a preacher’s kid wasn’t easy for Chad Dedmon. The pressure and responsibilities left him angry with God. Chad became rebellious and nearly lost his life to drugs, but at age seventeen everything changed. Hear how Chad’s experience with the Father’s love propelled him to the next level of signs and wonders and how you too can walk in the supernatural favour of God.